It’s Summer!

Thanks to everyone who came out to a show this past year! It was fantastic to see so many people–both friends and strangers (i.e. new friends) at our home. It’s such a treat to host these events.

We take a break every summer, mostly because we don’t have central a/c and our Listening Room just gets too darn hot to have 40+ bodies in the space. So, unless you and your fans really like a hot concert experience (think: outdoor summer concert without the cool breeze), we’ll plan on starting up again in the early fall, hopefully with some new and exciting visiting artists.

Let us know if you have any ideas.

See you in September!


One thought on “It’s Summer!

  1. Hi 213 Listening Room!

    Just wanted to post to say that our inaugural show at the DownTowne Listening Room was a success. We had about 50 folks…almost a sell-out. The artists gave great performances. And the audience were great listeners. People really seemed to get the listening room concept and were very attentive. And the artists really appreciated it. And everyone seemed to get a kick out of seeing it all happen in the historic old Shillito bldg in downtown Cincy.

    We have more great shows coming. Including a cool one with funny Philly folkie Deirdre Flint and local alt-pop performer Brittany Gillstrap on July 19. Since you’ll be taking a summer break due to AC, please help us spread the word to your followers.

    As always, we are happy to share info about your room, too, when you start back up in Fall.



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