Venue Details

For more specific event details for visiting artists (regarding ticket sales, accommodations, etc.), please download this info sheet: 213 Listening Room Details


Tabled seating: 12-20

Row seating: 30-35 (with piano); 45 (not using piano)


Thus far, we’ve accepted event requests from local friends and have responded to public solicitations by touring artists for House Concerts. If you’re interested in having an event at 213, contact us with the details of the event as well as a possible date and we’ll see if we can make it work!

Email or contact us via Facebook.


What is the space like?

The 213 Listening Room is the library of a private residence. The Listening Room is at the entry of the home and is about 15′ x 27′ in size. Entry is either streetside or through the side alley. A restroom is available for use as is a kitchen, if desired. Parking is street parking.

Can anyone book an event?

In short, yes. But as a private venue (in a private home), we are a little discriminating about who/what we host. Tell us about your event idea and we’ll let you know if we can work together.

Do you host family-friendly events?

We have hosted family-friendly events in the past. If you would like to designate your event as family-friendly, you are welcome to do so. The Listening Room, though, is not sound-proof and performances are best done in a quiet environment.

Do you pay the artists?

We (the hosts) do not pay the artists, but any proceeds from the events go directly to the artists. To maximize the proceeds, we have both sold tickets and taken donations. Some artists have used their events as fundraisers for their chosen nonprofit organization.

Do you serve food/beverages?

We have a kitchen available for use but, because we are not a licensed venue, we do not sell food or beverages. If you’d like to provide food/drinks, we can arrange for any type of catering or refreshments you’d like. All alcoholic beverages will need to be BYOB or served free of charge.

Do you have tables/chairs/a sound system/PA?

We own our own chairs and enough folding tables for merchandising. We do not have a house PA, but there is a small system available to use when needed. If the event is a fundraiser event, we will likely donate the rental cost of anything else we need. For other events, we may ask for the cost of rental to be deducted from the artists proceeds. This is all on a case-by-case basis.

Most of our house concerts have been acoustic, without a PA.

Are you affiliated with a business/organization?

Not currently. We are private homeowners who love to open our home to guests and events.

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