Merry Christmas from the 213 Listening Room

It’s December, nearly Christmas, and things have been quiet here at the Listening Room. Musically, at least. This venue is in our home, after all, and our lives still move on.

We don’t have any events scheduled here for now, although we’ve received quite a few solicitations from some awesome touring artists. I apologize if we’ve not responded. This year was very busy for us and we needed a few months off from booking and planning and hosting these house concerts.

The space is still here and, for as long as we are here, too, we will probably be welcoming artists and friends (and strangers) into our home. I’d love to hear some suggestions about how we can make it less stressful (physically and financially) on our family, while still inviting all of these wonderful people into our home to share their work. I’ve considered us using a new venue outside our home, creating a volunteer base to help with the events, and perhaps fundraising since we currently pay all related costs out of our pockets.

Although we don’t have any concrete plans for the next few months, I do have a personal “short list” of artists that I’d host in an instant if they were willing to visit us.

Included on my “come see us” list:
Rosie Thomas,
Damien Jurado,
Penny and Sparrow,
Daniel Martin Moore,
Sleeping At Last,
Josh Garrels,
and Audrey Assad.

And these are just the folks who might actually put a venue like ours on their tour. We have other people in mind, as well, if this little experiment in hospitality ever grew.

For now, check back for updates and let us know if/when any fantastic artists are coming our way. Maybe we can find some room for them.


Liz (and John)

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